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About Us


Add Business

Add your business details including address, phone, working hours, specialities etc and promote it to millions of users online and in your nearby area. Vind promotes your business in your area for free.

Search Business & Service

Search any shop, restaurant, office, services like plumber, electrician, car wash etc. You can also search any unknown number or Vind user.

Phone Number Search

Get info of any unknown caller. Search any number and track its location.

Block Spam Calls

Block unwanted callers. Vind also keep track of spammers and block them directy for you.


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Add Your Business

Favourite Business and Get Updates

Promote Business For Free

Search Nearby Businesses & Services

Track User Location

Block Spam Calls

Search any Phone Number

Caller Id On Every Call


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Add Business

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Track Unknown Calls

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Block By Number


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