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Where are you? Have you reached safely? Do your children drive safely? Did your wife make it to the office? Is your family safe? and many more. Questions like this haunt us. You might end up asking this question with your family/friends/loved ones multiple times a day. In case of no suitable answer, it raises concern and impacts your life.

Stay Safe, Synchronized & Connected

Vind simplifies the life of people and gives them a platform by which they can stay connected with their family members anytime, no matter how far they are. With Vind, you receive alerts whenever family members leave or arrive at work, home, school or any of your favorite spots. It's a convenient way to stay connected with them through their journey as taken. Now get rid of annoying calls, text messages and assure your lovable family your status of a safe commute. Using Vind, you can automate every problem at your fingertips. And It's Free! Download Today!

Little Big Things

Location Sharing

Securely locate all members on a private map along with journey history of last 30 days.

Add Geofence/Place

Add places/geofences to get notified whenever a member leaves or arrive.

Safety Notifications

Users get notified whenever they entered into an unsafe area or accident-prone area.

Driving Analysis

View route information with detailed driving behavior like Avg. speed, top speed, rapid acceleration, hard breaking and phone used while driving. Check weekly driving reports.

Emergency Alerts

Panic button to send the emergency alert to members without opening the app.

Location Based

Set reminders for other members as per location or time. Users get a reminder alert when they reach to that set location.

Vind Plus

Unlimited Alerts

You’ve got a busy life. Want to get rid of annoying text messages or too busy to inform your connected ones? Set up as many places as you like, and then you will have the liberty to automate alerts for those places. Also get unlimited speed alerts and location-based reminder alerts as well.

30 days of Location

Vind let you know the 30 days of location details of your connected member. Seeing those details you can figure out how and where your connected members have spent their time.

Driving Analysis

Vind provides in-depth route information with detailed driving analysis which can help the driver to improvise their driving skills and be safe drivers. By using this, you will be able to know the top speed, average speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and phone usage while driving.

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