• 1. How to add Business on Vind?

    a.) After login click on ‘+’ icon or open Navigation Slider then touch on “Add New Business”. b.) Enter details like business name, description, address, phone number and logo (icon). c.) You can also keep your registered number as business phone, it will not require any verification. d.) After filling complete info, touch on ‘Done’ on top right corner of screen.

  • 2. How to add more information of my business?

    After add business, touch on your business row and touch on “Edit” on next screen. Fill all other information like business email, website, working hours, special hours, features, images etc. and touch on ‘Done’.

  • 3. Are more info increase chances of my business getting more visibility to app users?

    Yes. Whenever a user search for any business or get business info nearby, our algorithm prefer those businesses which have more information. Adding images, working hours, features etc. increase chances for your business get more views.

  • 4. Should business phone numbers be verified?

    Yes! Vind do not show unverified business numbers to its users. For a business be active, it must have at least one verified phone number. You can also add same number from which you logged into Vind, this phone will not require any verification as its already verified when you were signing up into Vind.

  • 5. Can I add multiple locations (branches/stores) for one business?

    Yes! You can add more locations for same business by touching ‘Add’ on “My Business” screen.

  • 6. From where I can verify my business phone?

    You can verify your number from Edit Business Screen where you can find the link to make OTP request and fill it back to verify the number.

  • 7. Is Vind promote my business for free?

    Yes! Once you add a business, Vind send notification to all users in your nearby area. You must set business location on map while adding business.

  • 8. What if i do not set business location on map?

    Setting business location on map gives your customer optimize way to connect with you and get direction to reach to the business location. Those businesses always get preferences while searching and Vind even promote them at free of cost.

  • 9. How to add working hours?

    You can find ‘Working Hours’ section on “Edit Business” screen. You can add/modify by daily basis. You can add 3 working intervals at max for a single day. You can also opt for 24 hours working option as well.

  • 10. What are special hours?

    Special hours are designed to show your business availability other than normal working days. For eg. You own a gift items shop. You normally has off on Tuesdays but this year Valentine Day is on Tuesday. In this case, you can opt to open your business on 14 Feb under Special Hours section.

  • 11. What are Features?

    Features will help users to connect with your business in more efficient way. The users will able to know the type of services/products your business provides. It’ll also optimize business searching.

  • 12. I have updated my business info but its not showing up

    It’s possible that phone has locally saved the old information. It will be updated soon or you can go to user detail screen in order to fetch latest information.

  • General

  • 13. How do i change my number in Vind?

    To change your phone number, you need to deactivate the old number, and verify a new number. Please go to your Vind settings > Deactivate account. Then you need to re-verify with the new SIM card (slot 1 if using dual SIM). You can only verify 1 number per Truecaller account.

  • 14. How do i change my name in Vind?

    If the name on your account is incorrect, then you need to edit your name inside the Vind app. To do this, select “My Profile” in settings and add your correct full name into the profile. If you are not a Vind user, please register on Vind App with your phone. We prefer registered names over non registered. Important: If wrong results are still showing then it's because your phone has locally saved the old information. It will be updated soon once user will open app.

  • 15. My name isn’t showing up as i wrote in my profile.

    If you’ve recently updated your profile it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for a name to be updated. It’s also possible that your phone has locally saved the old information. We suggest that you either clear the search entry of your number or it will be updated soon once you enter in that number’s details by selecting it. Please note that we'll automatically deny profiles which contain names such as "Private number or Unknown name” or anything that might be considered vulgar.

  • 16. Why do i only find certain phone numbers?

    Vind’s database is constantly growing and getting smarter with each day. A number you search for today that provides no results, could be reported into the database tomorrow. Our database reacts in real-time to our users’ reporting and tagging, allowing us to expand the database on a daily basis. As well, numbers change owners frequently, and our users often help create a smarter database by suggesting name changes for non-registered numbers.

  • 17. Can my number be shared if someone searches for my name?

    It is not possible for a user to get your phone number through a name search without your permission. You will get a notification when someone wants to contact you, after which you can choose to accept the invite or deny it. This applies if you have selected ’Requests only’ in Settings > Who can see my profile. If you are not a Truecaller user or if you are using a phone that does not support this feature, your setting is ’Requests only’ by default.

  • 18. How do i find a person’s last known location?

    Just search that user or number and select it to check details. In details you get it under “Last Seen Location”. It is only possible if user has selected “Share My Last Location” to ‘On’. User can stop it anytime by change “Share My Last Location” to ‘Off’.

  • 19. How can i add two phone numbers in one account?

    You can only have one number activated in your account in the current situation. We have plans to develop dual sim support in the future.

  • 20. How do i white list a Top Spam number?

    In the Block tab -> View spam list -> use the search function to find the number and press the ‘minus’ icon.

  • 21. How do i unlist my phone number?

    Yes. This is not possible right now. In near future we will definitely provide facility to unlist your number.

  • 22. Why is my number listed as spam?

    Vind spam lists are created by our users. A number will be listed as spam by us if there are multiple instances of it being listed to make nuisance, marketing or spam calls. If you believe that your number has been mistakenly added to our spam list please contact our customer support by selecting Support from Navigation Slider or Settings.

  • 23. Do other users see who's phonebook the number has come from?

    No. Vind never disclose any info about phonebook. It only show name for phone numbers that has gathered from other users phonebook but never disclose that whose phonebook the numbers have come from, and numbers are only searchable if another user has the number from another source.

  • 24. Does Vind cost anything?

    No. Vind is a completely free app to download and use for all supported platforms. However in near future we are planning to provide option to users to buy our professional membership to unlock some extra features. Professional will let you send a certain amount of contacts requests, removes ads in the app and gives you the professional badge on your profile. Currently you can any amount of contact requests.

  • 25. How is “Top Spammers” list built?

    The ’Top spammers’ filter is a common filter for users inside the country. When a certain amount of users marks one number as spam, it will be considered as spam and be put into our ’Top spammers’ list.

  • 26. Why Vind is not blocking voicemails?

    It is unfortunately not possible to block voicemails at this time. We are working on it and hoping to implement this in the future.

  • 27. Where do we get our data?

    We collect most of our data from registered users. Our data is user generated, we do not fake anything from our users. Apart from this, through our partnership with different phone directories and social networks.