Tracking FAQs

    Basic Information

    a.) At the time of login, default circle with the name 'Family' will automatically gets created.

    b.) User can always opt to create more circle using 'Create Circle' option.

    c.) User can invite their friends/employees/friends from "Invite New Members" section.

    d.) To join a circle, user will always required to enter the code which will be shared by the circle creator.

    e.) You can check current locations, trip details which include trip path, average speed, top speed, hard breaking,etc. of circle member at any point of time. You can create circle separately for your office, family, friends etc. as per your requirements. You can navigate from one circle to other by tapping on circle name or from navigation slider.

    f.) You will able to see trip details of any circle member for last one month.

    Detail Information

  • 1. I received an invite code from a friend/family/office member - what should I do with it?

    a.) New User: If you received a message containing a special invitation link, tap on the link. It will redirect you for the installation process. You can create an account using the mobile number. Once you are done with profile completion, you will able to see the tracking section. Under this section, you can opt to create own circle or you can join the circle for which you have received the invite code. Create Circle and Join Circle will be there on the navigation slider. Either the code will be entered automatically on the join circle screen after clicking the invite link or you can enter the code manually as well.
    b.) Existing user: If you’re an existing user, find the ‘Join Circle’ option from the "Settings" menu and enter your invite code on that screen.

  • 2. I created a Circle and the app gave me an invite code - how does it work?

    Invite codes make it easier to invite and connect with your closest friends and family members within the app!
    When you create a Circle, you are given a unique invite code for that specific Circle. Be sure to only share the invite code with the people that you want to be a part of your private map.
    TIP! If you are currently with your family members, it may be easiest to show or tell them the code so they can type it into the app. They will be asked if they have a code right after creating their account or they can enter it in the “Join Circle” option in the Menu. If you aren’t currently together, use your favourite messaging app to send your Circle’s invite code along with a special link that will direct your loved ones to the app store.
    To send your invite code and special link:
    Tap the ‘Invite New Members’ button at the bottom of the main map screen, under the rows showing names and locations.
    A screen will appear with your invite code and a ‘Send Code’ button.
    Tap ‘Send Code’ to see a list of the messaging apps on your phone.
    Choose your preferred messaging app (SMS, Email, Whatsapp, etc).
    Select the contact(s) you want to invite.
    Send the pre-filled invite message to your contact(s).
    Help your family members find the message including their invite code and special link.
    Instruct them to download the Vind app and create their own account.
    NOTE: They need to use their own phone number, not yours.

  • 3. The message "Google Play Services Updating" stops the map from loading. Help!

    a) Setting
    b) Apps
    c) Google Play Services
    d) Disable
    e) Agree to prompts and Google Services will revert back to the factory version
    Note: If device manager requests to be deactivated, agree.
    f) Restart your phone
    g) Open Vind to access your private map

  • 4. How many Members can be in my Circle?

    Add all of your friends and family to your Circles!
    Please note that Vind runs most smoothly for Circles with under 15 members. Remember, you can always create more Circles.

  • 5. How do I remove someone from my Circle?

    Remove Someone from a Circle:-
    a.) If you are the Admin of a Circle, you can remove someone from the Circle. It's easy!
    b.) Go to the Menu and tap on Settings
    c.) Tap on Circles and then on the Circle the person is in
    d.) Tap on "Edit" in the top right corner
    e.) Tap the name of the person you wish to remove, then on "Delete" at the bottom

  • 6. How do I switch between Circles?

    If you're viewing a Circle that is different than a Circle you would like to view, you can switch by following these steps:
    Open the Menu
    Tap on Circle's name appear on top.
    Select the Circle you would like to switch to.
    Same can be done from the top of your private map screen by tapping on Circle's name.

  • 7. Can I be in two or more different Circles?

    Yes! You can join multiple, private groups called "Circles" easily inside the Vind app.
    You can either join a Circle created by someone else or create your own Circle and invite people to join it. Open the Menu to 'Create Circle' or tap 'Join Circle' and enter that Circle's invite code to join it.

  • 8. How do I view History?

    History is displayed on your Circle Member's profile. When you tap on a Circle member's name, you will see a quick view of their drive and location data.
    To see a more detailed History, tap on the member's name below map. This will take you to the detailed map where you can see full days of location history.
    To check driving detail of any trip, tap on that trip. You can check driving details like top speed, phone use while driving, rapid acceleration, hard breaking and high speed along with complete drive route.

  • 9. What are Places & how do I set them up?

    Places are a great way to know when your loved ones are leaving work or just arrived at school! Places are areas you can define so you are alerted when a Circle member enters or leaves a location. Some places you might want to set up are work, home, and school.
    Free plans can set up two Places. To set up more Places, upgrade to a Premium plan.
    To set up Places, follow these steps:
    Open the Menu
    Tap on Places
    Tap on "Add" in top right corner
    Add a name for this Place
    Move the map to centre the pin on the location, or manually enter an address
    Set the radius of the zone below the map. TIP! Smaller will be more accurate
    Tap "Save" in the top right corner
    TIP! Try not to overlap the street itself. Otherwise you may show that you enter and leave the Place just by driving past it.

    NOTE: When setting up Places, it is important that two or more Places do not overlap each other. If they do, it may appear that someone is in one place when they may be in the other. If the radius of two or more Places overlap, touch each other, or are extremely close, you will have inaccurate locations and alerts.

  • 10. How do I edit a Place?

    When setting up Places, it is important that two or more Places do not overlap each other. If they do, it may appear that someone is in one place when they may be in the other. If the radius of two or more Places overlap, touch each other, or are extremely close, you will have inaccurate locations. Please note that a place radius cannot be smaller than 250 feet.
    Edit a Place in the App:
    You can edit the Place and the radius as long as you created it. To edit a Place, follow these steps:
    Open the Menu
    Tap on 'Places'
    Tap on the Place you want to edit
    Tap 'Edit'
    Change the Place radius to 250 feet or move the pin
    Verify that two Places do not overlap or touch each other T
    ap on 'Save'

  • 11. How do I edit my Place Alerts?

    Follow these steps to edit Place Alerts:
    Open the Menu
    Tap on 'Places'
    Tap the Place you want to edit alerts for
    Tap the 'Arrives' and 'Leaves' settings for each member

  • 12. Why did it say I arrived and left a Place quickly?

    When you set up a Place, the radius may include a street or area you often drive right past instead of actually stopping at the Place itself. For example, you may set up a school on Main Street as a Place. If the radius of the Place, the purple circle, goes over part of Main Street, then whenever you drive on Main Street past the school, the app will think you arrived at the Place and then think you left right away, because you just drove past it. To prevent this from happening, try not to include the actual street in the radius of a Place, unless you do wish to be alerted when someone in your Circle drives by it.

  • 13. Does the app drain my battery?

    Vind has the lowest battery drain of all locator apps on the market. We have an advanced algorithm that helps us decide when to wake up your phone and update your location—so we never just leave your GPS on. But, every app that uses location will use some extra battery.
    Most users should expect about 10% shorter battery life in a 24-hour period when running Vind. This amount can vary significantly depending on how often you have the app open, how often you manually refresh a Circle Member's location, or how often you drive.
    For example, if one member is always, or frequently, checking on another member on the map, this will cause the member being located to experience higher battery drain. It will also drain more battery on the member who is checking because the app is open in the foreground.
    When the device is in transit, Vind turns on high precision GPS in order to show detailed history driving routes which can drain battery over long periods of time (longer drives).
    We are always working to improve battery usage, so make sure you have the newest version of the app on your device.

  • 14. Can Vind find my lost or stolen phone?

    Yes! Keep in mind the missing phone must have Vind installed and logged in for us to find it.
    IMPORTANT! Do not log in to your account on another mobile device or the app will just locate the device you logged in to.
    You have Circle Members open the Vind app on their phone to update the lost phone’s location. If the app is not logged in, or if the phone is turned off, or if the battery has died, the location will not update.